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Free Dental Work? - New Canadian Dental Coverage Program (CDCP)

Updated: Jan 17

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The Canadian Dental Coverage Program (CDCP) is a new federally delivered plan designed to help Canadian residents with their dental bills. The coverage plan focuses on seniors, in order to cover most or all of the cost associated with dental procedures, including dental implants.

What Services are Covered?

The coverage spans preventive (cleanings), diagnostic (x-rays), restorative (fillings, crowns), endodontic (root canals), prosthodontic (dentures, bridges, dental implants), periodontal (scaling, gum grafts), and oral surgery services (extractions). This means that most services, from a regular cleaning, all the way to a new set of dental implants and dentures, may be partially or fully covered by the CDCP if you are eligible.

A full explanation of covered services can be found here.

How Much is Covered?

Dental services are covered at varying percentages, ranging from full coverage of the fees set in the CDCP fee schedule to a 40% coverage, depending on household income.

For those with an adjusted family net income below $70,000, full coverage is provided.

Families that make between $70,000 - $79,999 per year, will be given 60% coverage, and be responsible for the remaining 40%.

Finally, for those that make between $80,000 - $89,000, the coverage will be 40%, and they will be responsible for the remaining 60%.

Who is Eligible?

To qualify for the CDCP, you must:

• Not have access to dental insurance:

Not having access to dental insurance is defined as (whether enrolled in or not):

  • No dental insurance through your employer or a family member’s employer benefits, including health and wellness accounts;

  • No dental insurance through your pension (previous employer) or a family member’s pension benefits;

  • No dental insurance purchased by yourself or by a family member or through a group plan from an insurance or benefits company.

• Have an adjusted family net income of less than $90,000

• Be a Canadian resident for tax purposes

• Have filed your tax return in the previous year

You can learn more about your eligibility here.

How to Apply

This new plan is being rolled out in phases, beginning with a focus on seniors. Applications will be accepted based on age group, gradually opening up to allow all eligible Canadians to apply.

  • Seniors aged 87 & above: Application open December 2023 by phone.

  • Seniors aged 77 - 86: Application starts January 2024 by phone.

  • Seniors aged 72-76: Application opens February 2024 via phone.

  • Seniors aged 70-71: Application begins March 2024 by phone.

  • Seniors aged 65-69: Application available online starting May 2024.

  • Residents with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate and children under 18: Can apply online starting in June 2024.

  • All remaining Canadian residents can apply starting in 2025.

If you fit into the above senior categories, you will automatically receive a letter in the mail detailing how you can apply. These letters will include a personalized application code and instructions for your application.

You can learn more about the application process here.

Does this Coverage Apply at all Dental Service Providers?

Provider enrollment in this program is entirely voluntary, meaning that not all dental service providers will be able to accept your benefit payment even if you are eligible. As such, it is very important to check with your dental care provider to ensure that they are enrolled in this program, and are able to provide you with services that are covered under the Canadian Dental Coverage Program.

At West Coast Dentures, we have enrolled in this program so you can be assured that you can claim your benefits with us.

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