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A Promise of Quality and Comfort in Every Smile

Improve Your Quality of Life with Precision Dentures

Let us brighten your smile and improve your dental health with our personalized denture care products and services.

If you suffer from dental issues and deal with discomfort brought on by missing teeth, West Coast Denture Clinic can help you overcome your problem. We offer complete denture care services to patients in the Lower Mainland. Missing one or several teeth can cause great discomfort in your day-to-day life. Our denture care services are designed to restore the proper functioning of your teeth. We offer free consultations at our clinic. During the consultation session, our denturist will carefully assess your dental condition and proceed to offer the treatment options that are best suited for you. Call us to book your complimentary consultation today!

Our Denture Care Services

West Coast Denture Clinic offers a variety of denture services. Our denture options and services include:

Denture icon

A full denture is recommended for patients missing all of their natural teeth in order to restore their functionality.

Partial dentures icon

They come in several variations. Your denturist will review all your options and recommend the best possible solution for you.

Implant icon

These dental implants are fully biocompatible devices that are placed into the jawbone and act as an anchor to hold dentures in place.

Nightguards icon

Dental nightguards protect the teeth from damage by cushioning the effects of clenching while sleeping.

Teeth icon

If you have loose dentures or a chip or crack in your dentures, we provide same day services for all repairs and relines.

All Dental Plans Are Accepted

We accept all the dental insurance plans and will send them out for you. Visit our clinic or get in touch with us to know more about your treatment.

Home and Institutional Care Is Available

We understand that not all patients have the mobility to come to us, so we offer our services to institutional establishments like hospitals and care homes. If you require services, we are happy to help with whatever assistance you may need.

A Word from Our Patients

See what our patients have to say about the services and care we provide.

Very Good Service and Friendly Staff

“Very good service and friendly staff. Susan is very professional and knowledgeable and had my mom's denture done perfectly. I would highly recommend.”

- Ignatius T.

Affordable Denture Services

We offer a variety of denture options and services to fix your dental issues.

All about Denture Care

Browse through our FAQs to learn more about our denture care products and services.

Book a Complimentary Consultation

With our denture professionals, you’ll receive personalized care and expertise you can trust.

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