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Prompt and Efficient Denture Relines and Repairs

Ill-fitted dentures can cause discomfort and create additional damage to other teeth, gums and oral tissues. West Coast Denture Clinic offers efficient denture relines and repairs. With the use of our in-house denture laboratory, we can reline, repair and refit dentures while you wait! We also offer same-day services such as denture cleaning, name placement on dentures and denture over implant services. Contact us today to get your damaged dentures relined or repaired before it leads to severe damage.

doctor holding a broken denture for repair

Denture Repairs

A fractured denture can cause great discomfort, damage other teeth, and injure the gum and oral tissues. Once fractured, dentures lose their strength, causing inconvenience when chewing food or speaking. Let us rectify the problem without delay to avoid any further injuries or issues.

Denture Relines and Refitting

As you age, it’s natural for your gums to change shape, and the gums are constantly shrinking. Denture relines are a cost-effective solution to restore the comfort and fit of your denture and can be done the same day.

denture reline and refit

We Repair Dentures On-site

We can repair, reline or refit your dentures while you wait at our clinic.

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